Flite Factory

by | Feb 28, 2016 | Featured

The Buzzz would like to say thank you to our friends and neighbors here in the Arizona desert, Flite Factory. And to show our support, we would like to share the following message from the Flite Factory team:

Flite Factory, Arizona’s Premier FPV Drone Racing Manufacturer

We pride ourselves as the most reliable and premier FPV Drone Racing Manufacturer in Arizona, our commitment to see total satisfaction from every one of our customers has taken our business to an unimaginable level.

What are your FPV, drone racing, aerial photography needs? It doesn’t matter the sophistication of your project, we will build it to meet your requirements.

At Flite Factory, we specialize in FPV, drone racing, aerial photography and drone building. You will find all your drone needs here. We offer all the parts to build your FPV and photography drone to your exact specifications. If you would prefer having the drone built for you, we can offer that service as well for a very pocket friendly cost.

Why Employ The Services Of Flite Factory?

Good question, we at Flite Factory are a strong team of experts who go the extra mile to ensure you get the maximum satisfaction and strive to offer the highest customer service.

Our quality parts, low cost and reliability set us apart from our competitors; whatever your need be, we will build it.

More Reasons to Consider Flite Factory


We’re constantly getting and testing the latest and newest products in the market so you’re never left in the dust, we ensure you stay current on trends.


Our staff is knowledgeable and highly experienced and formidable to help you with whatever you need.


We compare prices and keep our prices low and competitive with other companies. With our quality parts you get more value for your money.


Everybody loves fun and we at Flite Factory are totally aware of that. We host events every week where you can fly, meet, and greet with other pilots/enthusiasts.


At Flite Factory, we know the value of time; we offer the most preferable low cost and fast shipping from the United States so you can be in flying in no time.


Flite Factory constantly updates and keeps in touch with the community so you get the latest news around. We are also working with the city to ensure the laws reflect the customer’s rights to continue flying drones.

So, if you need experts to build your fpv racing drone or a fully custom aerial photography drone, then look no further. Flite Factory is formidable to meet all your needs and ensure you get the maximum satisfaction. Flite Factory is formidable to meet all your needs and ensure you get maximum satisfaction.

Flite Factory has taken a new lead in this industry, and we are proud to be the premier FPV Drone Racing Manufacturer in Arizona.

Visit us at www.flitefactory.com to learn more about how we can meet all your needs. From all of us at Flite Factory, we wish you the best in all you do. We hope to hear from you soon.