Learn more from this series of short programs offered by the Roswell Flight Test Crew!

All About Drones

Drones aren’t all fun and games! Come learn about the science and the serious applications that will make this a $10 billion industry over the coming decade. This series of short programs is offered by the Roswell Flight Test Crew, a team of nationally renown experts dedicated to the safe, beneficial and non-intrusive use of drones.


A Brief History of Drones

The first drones took to the skies decades before the first computer was built. How and why they were invented, and why do we call them “drones” in the first place? Learn about the military’s use of increasingly sophisticated drones and how hobbyists used ham radio gear and parts scavenged from video game controllers to replicate that same fundamental capability: to get a bird’s eye view of the world from a remotely piloted aircraft.

How and why They Fly

Multirotors are the most recognized configuration for drones, yet the design is never seen in manned aviation — unlike fixed-wing airplanes and conventional helicopters. Why? Come learn about the fundamental physics of flight and how it applies to multirotor drones, their unique capabilities and important limitations, and the basics of controlling a drone in flight. By combining the fundamentals of yaw, pitch and roll, you can complete complex maneuvers in order to race or capture dramatic aerial video.

First-Person View Flying

Come learn how drones “see” — and how you can go along for the ride from the virtual cockpit! First-Person View (FPV) makes drone racing possible and is used in a host of other applications, from emergency response to aerial cinematography. Learn about different kinds of video downlinks, from digital, high-definition systems to analog transmitters that deliver zero-latency feeds directly into video goggles. You will also learn about telemetry and On-Screen Displays (OSDs), licensing requirements and safe FPV flying.

Drones at Work

Do you know what industry will account for 80 percent of the drones deployed over the next decade? Here’s a hint: it isn’t public safety, aerial cinematography or even parcel delivery. Drones are set to transform the economy in ways that are as fundamental and profound as the Internet. Discover the how drones are already hard at work in the United States and around the world, and what the future may hold for this emerging technology.